In-clu-sion (in-kloo-zhun): n –an attitude and approach that seeks to ensure that every person, regardless of ability or background, can meaningfully participate in all aspects of life.

Inclusion is    

  • welcoming everyone
  • building community
  • emphasizing cooperation
  • seeing to understand and accommodate differences
  • proving a safe and socially comfortable environment for all
  • teaching respect, understanding and dignity to people of all abilities
  • embracing changes that facilitate full participation
  • actively reaching out to people who are traditionally excluded
  • fostering a sense of belonging as a respected and valued peer
  • honoring the intrinsic value of each person's life.
  • It is an attitude, not an activity.
  • Inclusion is an approach, not a program.
  • Inclusion is BELONGING!

For information on Inclusion Training and Autism Awareness Workshops, please contact:

Alan Rosen
(609) 472-1260